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How to use the interactive map

The e-map serves to find and show the municipalities entered for EHD 2004. The map is linked to the catalogue, giving the possibility to get details on the particular monuments.

To search for a town or monument use the catalogue, which can be accessed via the menu in the left part. The other way is to find the town directly in the map.

To facilitate orientation in the map, the size of the display area and the scale are adjustable. Choose one of three sizes by clicking the required "map size" icon in the bottom left part of the map frame.

The map can be viewed in three scales.Scale one has been chosen for the map to show virtually the entire territory of the Czech Republic. The scale can be changed by clicking the required "scale" icon in the bottom right part of the frame or by clicking the map. The place which you click will be shown in a more detailed scale and will move to the centre of the display area. By pressing the "Shift" button while clicking, the scale will be reduced.To keep the scale while moving on the map press the "Ctrl" button or use the direction arrows on the map perimetre.

Municipalities entered for EHD 2004 are marked with little targets , which appear only in scales 2 and 3. Basic information in the menu appears by positioning the mouse pointer on the target. Details from the online catalogue are found by clicking the target.

The targets appear when all necessary information has been recorded from the server, which is signalled by the change of the indicator in the top part of the frame into a green point. >> .